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・For this event, we will implement measures to prevent the expansion of the new colon virus infection in accordance with the [New Coronovirus Prevention  Guidelines in Music Concerts] based on the government's guidelines. Please note that if there is a change in the national or local government's policy due to changes in domestic infection after ticket sales, the performance may be canceled and postponed. If there is any change in the content of the event, such as postponement or cancellation, we will inform you on the official website. This performance will be held in accordance with the venue regulations.

・ Contact information of the customer who applied for the ticket at the time of application can be submitted to public institutions such as public health centers incase of an infection outbreak.

・ Tickets will be sold within the limit rset by the government.

Customers who fall under the following items should refrain from visiting the day.

The following customers will be refused to entry on the event day even if they have a ticket. Please note that we cannot refund the ticket fee in this case.

1. Customers who have 37.5 degrees of fever, general pain, malaise, and other symptoms such as cold symptoms and stuffiness.

2.  Customers who who refuse for their  body temperature to be checked.

3. Customers who are not feeling well.

4. Customers who may inconvenience other customers due to sneezing and runny nose.

5. Customers whose family, school or workplace have a new COVID viral infection . 

6. A customer who has received a new Coronavirus Positive judgment or is currently waiting for a doctor at home.

7. Other customers who have been waiting at home to prevent new COVID virus infections.

8. Those who do not bring a mask, and customers will not wear masks in the venue.

9. Customers who cannot follow the instructions of organizers and venue staff.

10. Those who may make the surrounding customers anxious due to cough, sneezing, runny nose, etc.

11. Those who temporarily hold the above symptoms and are currently taking medicine.

12. Those who have symptoms such as general malaise, pharyngeal pain, nasal discharge, nasal closing, taste / olfactory impairment, eye pain and conjunctiva, headache, joints and muscle pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.

13. Those who have traveled to countries and regions that require entry restrictions and observation periods after entering the country within 2 weeks before the performance date.

14. Those who received the positive judgment of the new COVID virus within 14 days before the performance.

15. Those who have a rich contact with those who have received the positive judgment of the new COVID virus within 14 days before the performance date.

16. Someone who is suspected of an infection from a family member.

17. Those who have aclose contact with someone with the COVID virus infection.

18. Those who are drunk.

<At the time of admission>

・ Check the body temperature with a non -contact type body thermometer when entering. Customers who are drinking are likely to be malfunction, so please come without drinking.

・ Please cooperate with the temperature measurement when entering.

・ We will disinfect your hands when you enter.

・ We will install a hand disinfectant in the entrance and the lobby. Please cooperate with frequent hand -disinfection.

・ Bring your mask, wear the mask during the performance. We will refuse the admission of those who are not wearing a mask.

・ Always wear a mask in the venue.

・ Staffs will wear a mask, etc. and secure a certain distance with the customer at the time of customer service.

・ Staffs will always wear a mask, and some staff will wear a face shield to serve customers.

・ If you feel sick after entering, please tell the staff immediately. We may ask you to leave due to symptoms.

・ Please arrange the row of admission in the form of a social distance (1m to 2m of customers).

・ Please always wear the mask from waiting for entry to the completion of leaving. Please refrain from conversations such as splashes.

・ Regarding ventilation in the venue, we will increase the ventilation level in the live hall to strengthen the ventilation, and replace the air.

・ Please refrain from chatting in the hall, lobby, etc.

・ In order to reduce the risk of infection, we will refuse to receive any letters, gifts, and stand flowers.

・ Please cooperate with actions that are in line with infection prevention. Please keep the seats at the minimum and do not move or take action that can be affected by the surrounding customers. It is prohibited to leave your seat or stand on a chair.

<Before purchasing a ticket>

Please apply for tickets after agreeing to all the information below. 

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